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 On March 28, 2012, in coordination with Tsunami Awareness Week, there will be a Tsunami Evacuation Drill at the Trinidad Harbor.

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Oil Spill Response Team Local Emergency Planning Committee Emergency  Medical Response
Jonas Savage Michael Hostler Rob Aton - EMT
Jason Soto Shirley Loas Deon Metzger - EMT
Erik Dunphy Rob Aton  
Craig Richardson Eric Dunphy  
Joe Rollings Dave Frye  CERT Trainers
Kevin Wells    Micheal Hostler
Butch Rindels    Rob Aton
Ken Childs III    
Shirley Loas    
Davy Frye    
Jeremy Muhleck    


 Wildland Urban Interface Fire behind Casino on 2-27-2011.



Trinidad OES, Westhaven Fire and Cal-Fire responded to emergency.